From the beginning, the company has been implementing commissions from well-known and prestigious brands. Thanks to adequate standards of cooperation and continuous development, in the list of our consumers we can include such companies as Philips Lighting, BSH, Indesit, among others.

In Biacolor Company there are 2 independent lines operating to varnish details made of plastic material. The first one is fully automatic, and the process of painting is realised by a robot – it works out while painting high-cost series. The second line, which is half automatic, lets elastin comply our offer with the requirements of consumers (fast change of colours) expecting small series of details (already from 100 units). Thanks to half automatic lines operated by well-qualified painters, it is also possible to lacquer details of more complicated shapes.

In the painting process, we use only high quality German soluble or water-soluble paints.

We are able to paint:  ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PP, PS, PA, PET, PET with GF.